Brace Yourselves: Top Upcoming Pc Games

Although many people argue that Console Gaming is better than PC Gaming, the hardcore players understand that with the ever upgrading technology, a computer can be upgraded continuously to cater to new options that provide the ultimate graphic experience. 2014 is bringing a launch of a variety of PC Games for the users so they may take their gaming to the next level.

The Evil Within

Among the pc games coming soon, the Evil Within tops the list. With efforts to recreate a masterpiece like Resident Evil 4, Shinji Makami is trying his best to deliver the ultimate horror for all the fans. Set to be released on August 26th 2014, it is highly anticipated by the horror games fans.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Releasing on the 7th of October 2014, this RPG Game is already boasting that the players will be unable to take their eyes off the screen for hours. The loyal fans of the Dragon Age franchise therefore, impatiently await the launch so that they may use their PC for a timeless gaming experience.

Ultra Street Fighter IV

One of the most anticipated pc games coming soon in 2014 is The Ultra Street Fighter IV. It is being launched after a full gap of five years of the launch of the original Street Fighter IV in the August 2014. Already, the fighting gamers are awaiting this new arrival impatiently, so that they may once again indulge themselves in the legendary brawl.