Difference Between Free Play and Real Money Slots

The two questions most often asked about free play vs real money slots are, first, do we consider online slots to be fair? Second, did they set up free versions to pay more compared to real money ones? Are they really identical or is there a difference between the two?

In reality, they are supposed to be identical. The free slots should be the same as the real money versions. All online slots should have received a certificate of fairness from TST. But the theory is oftentimes different from reality. But it is a very difficult theory to prove. The only thing a player can and should do is to form their opinion based on the evidence. There is also the emotional difference between losing actual money and losing in free play. Players do not notice as much when they lose continually in free play. But they definitely notice right away when they start seeing their hard-earned money disappear in a real slot machine. Can't decide which offer to get? This promotion of 15 free spins and $20 free cash will allow you to play on the top-rated casinos in Canada for free.

Distribution of online slot games is done by known game developers and sometimes by the more established distributors.To name a few, these are Novomatic/Greentube, Spielo, Aristocrat, Playtech and Microgaming with freeslotsforfun.net and Realtime Gaming. These developers make any slot game imaginable, from classic slots, fruit machines to vampire, movie based, and sport-themed slots games. All their games are certified since this is a requirement to get into legitimate and more reputable online casino sites. A stipulation that games should be tested for fairness is necessary since most of these casinos are also licensed by regulatory authorities. These authorities will conduct necessary testing before licenses are issued.

Free play vs real money slots should never be an issue because most of these jurisdictions insist that they produce the same results and with identical performance. Duplicate returns for the player in the long-term is an expected result also for the free plays. When free play slots are tested, the results should be exactly the same as that of real money slots. Although some have seen some casinos offering slots that perform better in what is called the fun mode, it is quite difficult to prove. Testing procedures are not fool-proof so there's definitely room for errors there. But since casinos are also after ensuring their good reputation in terms of fairness, both the casinos and developers will be careful and will do all they can to ensure that both free play and real money slots are the same. Check out the best no deposit bonuses with low wagering requirements and learn each one's pros and cons. Once you settle in with the most suitable offer, winning real money for free, it is not so strange and unachievable.

Of course, not all casinos and developers are the same. Some might be less scrupulous than others and will do something with their programs that will give a result to the contrary, making free play pay out more. Again, this is something very difficult to prove. So it is really just a question of trust. The player will just have to trust the platform and the casino and hopefully have the same level of enjoyment.