The Ultimate Showdown: PC Games Vs PS4 Games

When it comes to video gaming, PS4 is the new kid in block. Having received millions of unit sales in a few days, PS4 has caused a decline in the PC sales. These sales have declined 10% more within the last year, as the players silently convert to PS4. However, they still has an upper hand when it comes to technical details.

Cost and Performance

Even with a powerful processor, the greatest disadvantage of PS4 is its inability to upgrade in the future. Whereas in PC, you can customize the upgrade of the components be it graphics card or sound card. When comparing the costs of the pc games vs ps4 games, the costs of the PS4 options also sky rocket every now and then, whereas PC options are available mostly cheaper.


Nobody likes to build a full collection of console games of a specific model, only to find out later that the newer model in the market does not support them. For example, a user who stocks up on the PS2 games cannot run them on PS3. Here, PC is certainly at an advantage as it has no compatibility issues and can run the older versions as well as new ones.


When it comes to pc games vs ps4 games, the pc options still have the upper hand regardless of the declined marketing. The options offer versatile, all-round functions with quite few limitations. Not only so, the users can customize their setup and upgrade it whenever they wish.